Why MacBook Air fans too much keep running in Linux?

I’ve a MacBook Air (late 2013) which runs Linux in dual boot mode.

When I boot into Linux, everything was fine at first. Soon after, if I visit a flash page in chrome or make a cpu intensive task, fans start working and doesn’t stop anymore. Device getting hotter and hotter, it also eating more from battery.

With the same test scenario everything works fine in MacOSX, fans not running and overall heat is quite low.

I tried to install macfanctld package but it doesn’t change anything.

How can I control MacBook Air’s fans just like with MacOSX?

It is a well known problem and you don’t have any chance with macfanctld, so you should remove it first:

$ sudo apt-get remove macfanctld

In order to solve fan issues, you need to use mbpfan utility. It doesn’t included in distribution archives, so you have to compile and configure it manually.

It is not a hard job, the author of mbpfan provides a quick howto about installation process:


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