What is the best IDE for Linux kernel development?

I’m new on kernel development and it is quite difficult job to work on a big C project like Linux kernel.

I already used vim+ctags+nerdtree, anjuta and eclipse but it will be good to hear about some other alternatives.

Eclipse have strong advantages when working on big projects. If you adjust some startup parameters, indexer module also runs quite well, which is most required feature for such a big project.

There is also eclipse based customized IDE named LinK+ for kernel development: https://sourceforge.net/projects/linkplustest/

You can download it from the project website or eclipse marketplace.

LinK+ supports Linux kernel configuration, compilation, system call development and device driver development. It includes various templates in the category of character, block and network device driver subsystems for device driver development. It includes various bus infrastructure templates and also provides Linux device driver code completion, code assistance and code navigation for developers. Here is a simple screenshot of device driver project wizard: