Sharing media files over DLNA


Rygel is the one of the most popular DLNA softwares on Linux. It is a home media solution that allows you to easily share audio, video and pictures to other devices.

Rygel configuration is very simple except two tricky points. If you can’t see all folders which you shared, follow instructions below.

Before we start to share our media files over network using rygel, we have to edit few lines in config file. Rygel config file is in ~/.config/rygel.conf path.

  • Select Folders to Share

We will list all folder names which we want to share as semicolon-seperated in uris parameter in [MediaExport] section. We don’t need to escape special characters or spaces.

uris=/mnt/D/sample-folder/NEW;/mnt/D/sample folder/Videos;
  • Disable Tracker Plugin

Rygel disables MediaExport plugin which we use to share user-selected folders if Tracker plugin is enabled. So you can see only default pictures, videos and music folders as shared instead of user-defined folders. To disable Tracker plugin, we will change enabled parameter in [Tracker] section as False.


Now we can run rygel command, and access all shared folders from other devices.