Remote X programs started through ssh is so slow


I’m using SSH X forwarding with -X parameter to start iceweasel browser on a remote system like this:

ssh -X [email protected]

It is working but GUI runs extremely slow. Is there any way to speedup the GUI?


SSH can tunnel X11 traffic through firewalls and NAT and the X configuration for the session is taken care of automatically when using -X parameter.

To improve connection speed you can activate compression providing -C option like that:

ssh -X -C [email protected]

It will make your remote GUI program much responsive with the help of the compression option, all the forwarded X11 data also compressed by ssh and your network connection used more efficiently.

Ssh compression uses standard gzip algorithm. You can use a remote browser session if it is required sometimes, but if you want to work on a remote GUI efficiently for a long time period, ssh x forwarding is not a good solution. It will be very slow when compared with Differential X Protocol Compressor based solutions like Nomachine NX technology