Raspberyy Qt5 Audio Play?


Anyone can play audio or video file with Qt5 on Raspberry Pi (Build with Buildroot) ?

When i want to play audio, I get error about gstreamer and I can’t find solution.

What are the required packages at buildroot for play audio files on raspberry ?

Log ( GST_DEBUG=9 GST_DEBUG_NO_COLOR=1 ./QMediaPlayerTry)
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In the early phase of Raspberry boards we used following custom Buildroot repository to solve Qt related issues:

It seems that there is a newer solution, you should try it first:

Thanks you, I will try it in a short time.

I tried second one. It is working very well.

With default config, buildroot toolchain is selected. You should select external toolchain (Linaro ) then I got only one error about ncurses. Now I can play music with Qt (QMediaPlayer) :slight_smile: Thanks you.


CHANGE THIS FILE : ncurses/base/MKlib_gen.sh

reprocessor=“$1 -DNCURSES_INTERNALS -I…/include”
change with
preprocessor=“$1 -P -DNCURSES_INTERNALS -I…/include”