Raspberry Pi failed to open vchiq instance problem


I created an image for Raspberry Pi with Buildroot and include Qt5 in image. I added Eglfs support. When I want to start Gui program [ ./try1 -qws] , giving error : failed to open vchiq instance

I looked with strace [ strace ./try1 -qws ] , At the output : open("/dev/vchiq ", O_RDWR....) =-1 ENOENT ( No such file or directory )

What is wrong ?

VCHIQ is the name of the Raspberry Video Core IV GPU kernel driver.

It seems that your kernel doesn’t have vchiq driver.

It is good to use a patched-buildroot system which is customized specially for Raspberry boards. You can use following buildroot repo:

It is also good to read this first: Raspberry Pi VideoCore APIs - eLinux.org

Problem is at https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux last branch. I found it , problem is about Kconfig. I cloned rpi-4.0.y , Qt5 is working good now.