Long distance data transfer with I2C

Hello friends,

I can not make long-distance data transmission by making the system master / slave with I2C.

I have ADCs that have a certain adrese. He works on short distances.

Even when I pulled up, I could work at 5 meters.

I need to support me at least 30 meters.

I2C bus buffer / repeater samples (PCA9515, PCA9511, PCA9517, etc.) I searched but could not find the market in Turkey. It will take too long to wait.

Alternatively, which way do I have to follow and what method can I do?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, You can boost your signal level and then you can make reverse of that.
The keyword is level converter by the way.

Try this circuit with HV for 9V and LV is your I2C boolean high level.

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