How to combine two internet ppp connection?


I have two LTE modem over USB. When I connect to the internet, I have ppp0 and ppp1 interfaces. How can I combine both of them under like ppp. I want huge bandwidth.


In short, you can’t.

It’s not like bonding two ethernet interfaces into a single bond0 interface.

There are some alternatives but probably none of them fits your production environment.

First alternative is to use Multi-Path TCP (MPTCP) (

Downside of MPTCP, it is not deployed widely in networks and you need to be administrator of the network to deploy it.

For example, if you want to use MPTCP in all applications in your Android phone:

  • There must be a SOCKS proxy running in the phone
  • All of the applications must be configured to use internal socks proxy
  • Android kernel must be patched with MPTCP kernel extensions
  • There must be lots of SOCKS proxy in GSM operator (again, MPTCP enabled) to communicate proxy in the phone over MPTCP

So, because of the internet not built with MPTCP, only MPTCP enabled links get all the advantages.

Second alternative is to use Multi-Link PPP (MLPPP) which works with any protocol, not just TCP. With MLPPP, two different ppp links can be combined in LCP level but you can’t use it in general GSM networks because both sides of the ppp connection (point-to-point) must use MLPPP. You can only use MLPPP if both of the sides in your control.