Display memory allocation statistics in your program


It is possible to get memory allocation statistics performed by malloc and related functions within your program.

There are a few alternatives to get allocation stats. First one is mallinfo(void) which returns a struct mallinfo.

But mallinfo has some drawbacks (see: mallinfo (3))

You can use malloc_info(int, FILE*) to print detailed information as xml string on a FILE* file pointer or stderr.

If neither want to print standard output nor a regular file, but you want to take back xml strings in a memory area pointed by a char* pointer, you can use open_memstream(char**, size_t*) function to get a FILE* pointer which address a dynamically allocated memory area. With this model, you have to manually free up allocated buffers.

Here is an example program and its outputs:

char *buf;
size_t size;
FILE *fp = open_memstream(&buf, &size);
malloc_info(0, fp);
/* do whatever you want with buf pointer */
evbuffer_add_printf(out, "# Memory Allocation Stats\n%s\n#> ", buf);


    <malloc version="1">
    <heap nr="0">
            <size from="65" to="80" total="80" count="1"/>
            <size from="65" to="65" total="65" count="1"/>
            <size from="97" to="97" total="97" count="1"/>
            <size from="465" to="465" total="465" count="1"/>
            <size from="32625" to="32625" total="32625" count="1"/>
            <size from="302209" to="302209" total="302209" count="1"/>
            <size from="1528385" to="1528385" total="1528385" count="1"/>
            <unsorted from="2689" to="2689" total="2689" count="1"/>
        <total type="fast" count="1" size="80"/>
        <total type="rest" count="7" size="1866535"/>
        <system type="current" size="6631424"/>
        <system type="max" size="6631424"/>
        <aspace type="total" size="6631424"/>
        <aspace type="mprotect" size="6631424"/>
    <heap nr="1">
            <size from="433" to="433" total="433" count="1"/>
        <total type="fast" count="0" size="0"/>
        <total type="rest" count="1" size="433"/>
        <system type="current" size="135168"/>
        <system type="max" size="135168"/>
        <aspace type="total" size="135168"/>
        <aspace type="mprotect" size="135168"/>
    <total type="fast" count="1" size="80"/>
    <total type="rest" count="8" size="1866968"/>
    <system type="current" size="6766592"/>
    <system type="max" size="6766592"/>
    <aspace type="total" size="6766592"/>
    <aspace type="mprotect" size="6766592"/>