Couldn't run 64 bit programs with wine

I have a functional 32 bit wine environment and all of the 32 bit windows applications runs properly.

But, when I want to execute any 64 bit programs it gives me following error:

wine is a 32-bit installation, it cannot support 64-bit applications

If I repeat the command again with wine64 binary, it gives me following error:

wine: Bad EXE format

How can I run 64 bit programs under wine?

It seems that you have 32 bit wine bottle in your ~/.wine folder. In order to be able to run 64 bit programs, you need to setup another bottle for 64 bit applications:

$ WINEARCH=win64 WINEPREFIX=~/.wine64 winecfg

After that you can run programs specifying your newly created wine64 bottle:

$ WINEPREFIX=~/.wine64 wine app.exe

Four years later…

So I am using Ubuntu Mate 32 bit and installed Wine32, which am told is going to be out of date, regardless I am not some expert and only now how to use synapse, the compiling stuff is too crazy for me. Anyways so I got the Wine terminal to pop up and added a monero 64 bit mining exe file, the only one for Windows there is, I downloaded a 64 bit linux one but am on 32 of course and no clue how to install the linux file. Again these apps are for mining xmr/monero coins. Anyways I named the exe file “monero64” and it is in my desktop. So, I added it to the Wine list, and… and now what, clicking it does nothing, and clicking on the app on my desktop just made an extra bottom toolbar duplicate on the bottom then disappear, similar to the OpenRA games that are installed and when clicked do that, basically nothing.

Why is there no “run”? And does Wine not show up in the “Open with” window list of installed programs?

As for Wine32 being out of date, well why can’t I update it using synaptic? Or rather, why is it not updated to begin with?

And finally, what is the difference between wine-stable, wine 1.6 and wine32, there is no mention of the differences in anything, very stupid.