Can i optimize old ubuntu for normal use


hi, i found my old samsung n140 with ubuntu netbook remix, i think version is 10.10. i dont want any light os neither new ubuntu, it will be too much and i dont want win xp style. i am averafe user and i dont know to compile. i would like to optimize this system for normal use if it’s possible? thank you.


You should use LTS (Long Term Support) versions of Ubuntu, 10.10 is not one of them and its end of life date is April, 2012 [1]

Using very old Linux distributions in desktop computer is not suggessted. At the end of the day, you need to install newer version of a package which depends on newer versions of dozen packages. It is not easy to backport newer packages. So, you should upgrade more recent LTS versions. [[2] (]

On the other hand, if your computer performance is too bad with newer distributions and you don’t need new packages, security updates etc. you can continue to use an older distribution.


i just need to instal some programs which i use, like kodi, jdownloader… and i am not sure how to this, i am also not sure about flash player, and i am average user as i say, is there some tutorial? should i try to backup everything or is it possible to install only things which i want :slight_smile: since i dont use very much programs