Which are the best books about learning how to porting new embedded linux distribution?


hi everybody. i’m so willing to learn compiling a new linux kernel with the basic gnome and other tools for embedded systems. especially make an iso for share with all of friends which it contains bootloader, gnome gui and other usefull tools. but i don’t know how can i start.

it’s not the matter to achieve build a kernel. the matter is learn every possible thing about building ve configuring the kernel as I wish. (i mean i want to learn bootloading, combine kernel with gtk gui, finally make a distributable (very) basic embedded linux os)

this course is exactly what I want but company does not offer personel education. http://www.yh.com.tr/kategori/gomulu-sistemler-embedded-linux-egitimleri also mr. demirten’s book is very limited and incomplete.

so may you please advise me some books to start learning?
(not for linux but for operation system design i have recently read andrew s. tanenbaum’s modern operation systems. it’s very theoric: https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Operating-Systems-Andrew-Tanenbaum/dp/013359162X)

(i’m c++ developer so i know kung-fu :slight_smile:)